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Product Purchase Standard Terms Notice (A must read)

Notice of purchase standard terms of purchase attached file. When you purchase our products, you will read and agree to this "Terms and Conditions of Purchase". Please check the attached file before purchasing the product.


Smartphone app usage fee and cashback

The usage fee of Smart Unicall, a smartphone app (app), is 10,000 won per month (per customer). The fee for using the web app also applies. As a rule, we will greatly discount the usage fee depending on the quantity used, and the cash-back ratio will be determined in consultation. The payment method is prepaid, and once you pay the fee and publish (install) the app, you will not get a refund. Upon receipt, we will assume that you have agreed to the foregoing.


Implemented Unicall Pay. Receive reward points for making calls using our universal free video call app, Unicall, which can be used as a Unicall Pay when purchasing our products. See Unicall App for more information.








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