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Automatic Answering and Voice Recording




EverFree/AA(Automatic Answering) is a PC contolled system that performs many functions including automatic answering and voice recording. Especially it plays the content of the calls during conversation and through the remote access.


◑ System Composition

   The system composition of EverFree/AA is shown in the figure below.

System Composition


PC Environment

Item Basic Requirements

Pentium 166MHz or above


64MB or above




◑ Function
  EverFree/AA has the following functions to improve the business efficiency, and it is very easy and convenient   to use.

① Automatic answering: Performs the automatic answering function.

② Automatic dialing: Dials the customer phone number automatically.

③ Call list: Displays the call list in the order of recent time and the status of the calls including the absent calls.

④ Voice recording/playing: Records and plays the content of the calls.
⑤ Group management: Stores and manages the member information as group in the database.
⑥ Customer management: Stores and manages the customer information(company etc.) in the database.
⑦ Key number: Manages the key number for each customer.
⑧ Memo/Diary: For user's reference to each customer, displays the memo on the customer information screen, calling screen, etc. and displays the diary on the customer information screen. 

⑨ E-mail sending: Sends e-mail to the customer.

⑩ SMS sending: Sends SMS by PC.

⑪ Status display: Displays the call status, the system status, and the count of the absent calls.

◑ Data Compatibility

 It is compatibile with CSV and Excel file.


Product Model

Product Composition

• Program CD: 1
• USB Gateway: 1
• RJ11 6P2C Phone line: 1

 • USB cable A-B: 1

• Electronic Manual






Product Performance

 - Applies to 1 telephone line and can be connected to PBX, Centrex, keyphone, etc.

 - The automatic answering may be possible without limit.

 - The quality of the voice is very good.

◑ Manual Downloading
   - If you want to know about EverFree/AA in detail, please download the electronic manual.
   - The electronic manual is available to read as Acrobat Reader.




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