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◑ Free Call

 - Unicall provides video calls as well as video conferencing as a basic function.
   You do not need to sign up anymore, so you can install it from
   the Play Store or App Store and use it right away in any place of the world.

 - If you need international calls from abroad, it is very useful because you can install the apps locally
   and use them immediately and you do not have to pay for the calls. The three-way calls can be talked
   to by a group of three people looking at each other's faces, and the response is explosive.

◑ ET Call

 - No subscription: There is no need to sign up, so privacy and privacy are

 - No trace: Since there is no personal information, there is no trace associated with personal calls.

 - No cost: There is no call cost at all.

 - No subscription, no trace and no cost 3-No and secret calls are only Unicall.

◑ Phone number and nickname

 - Phone number: The phone number of your mobile phone with country code as your login ID.

 - Nickname: Use nickname, stage name, pen name, etc.

◑ Images and video

 - When you upload an image, it will be displayed and displayed by day of the week for a certain period of time.

 - Selected images will be displayed on the representative screen of Unicall by day of the week.

 - You can watch the video series on YouTube's Unicall channel, including the universal video series provided by KMT.

◑ WebRTC

 Unicall is a WebRTC-based video call system. WebRTC stands for Web Real Time Communication, which is a public standard for video, voice, and data communications without the need for a real-time, plug-in between web browsers. In other words, it enables video communication, voice, and talk between web browsers without installing a separate program. P2P allows direct communication between devices, so there is no need for server function or performance. Since Google's first proposal for WebRTC, Google, Mozilla, Opera and Microsoft have been creating technical standards.

◑ Starting

 ① login
 - Enter your nickname and phone number for the first time only and press the LOGIN button.

 ② Start
 - Press the PLAY button on both the caller and the callee.

 ③ Common
 - When Caller presses the corresponding call button, Callee comes up with a call screen
   with a call tone.

 - When Callee presses CALL button, the call is initiated, and when the call ends, press
   the red handset button at the bottom to end the call.

 - In case of video meeting, name and voice calls, make calls with name or an optional
   ID promised each other. Callee should wait in CAFE.

◑ Favorite

 - For calls and chat, the other party must be registered in the favorites in advance. After pressing CAFE> FAVORITE button, register the item.

 - Press CALL button after Checking 2 items for video conference and 1 item for voice call, and press the corresponding button.

◑ Video Call

 - Caller presses CAFE > FAVORITE or FRIEND button and then select an item to make a call.

 - When you press the item, your screen first appears on the full screen.

 - If Callee presses CALL button, the other screen is displayed and your screen is moved
   to the small screen at the bottom right. At this time, if you touch the small screen,
   Callee and your screen will be reversed.

◑ Video Conference

 - When you press 3WAY button, your screen first appears on the top 1/3 of the full screen.

 - When first Callee presses CALL button, his screen appears on the top screen, and your
   screen moves to the small screen on the bottom right.

 - When second Callee presses CALL button, it is displayed on the next 1/3 screen.

◑ Emergency and PSTN call

 - Emergency call: If you press the + button, an emergency call is made to the guardian of the previously entered phone number.

 - PSTN call: Press PSTN button, then you can make PSTN phone calls while using Unicall app.

◑ Voice Call

 - You can make voice calls if your internet is very slow or you want to.

◑ Make friends

 - You can make friends by registering your gender, age, language and country to use.

 - The desired person selects and uses a chat or video call.

◑ Direct market

 - All transactions in the direct marketplace rest with the parties to the transaction.

 - After pressing the TRADE button, register the product for sale. If necessary, you can edit or delete the registered content.

 - You can consult through 1:1 chat and use the chat function.

◑ Chat

 - You can send and receive messages by choosing from FAVORITE and FRIEND (Open Talk).

 - If you press the CHAT> GROUP button, you can send and receive messages as a group. (Grouptalk)

◑ Korean scenic spots

 - If you press the KOREA button, you can see Korean scenic spots at a glance.

 - Videos of Korean scenic spots, historic sites and scenic spots can be viewed on the YouTube channel.

◑ Download

 - Android Phone

  · Download from the Play Store and install.  

  · Video call, direct transaction and image display: 4 Dollar(In-app purchase, you can click on the
   advertisement for free every time.)

 - iPhone

  · Download from the App Store and install.  

  · Free: Preparing for advertising and in-app purchases

◑ Using

 - It is recommended to update your application.

 - It is strongly recommended to suggest your opinion about our application.

◑ Contact us

 - If you need help with your use, press the ? Button.

 - Check the instructions on the start screen.

 - Send an email to webmaster@mutaltech.com

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