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Established in February, 2000, Korea MutalTech, Inc. is now a leading company with many patent technologies including PC-based gateways, caller identification(CID) systems, and others. Using the Unicall® and EverFree® trademarks, Korea MutalTech has introduced many products such as the CID-based CRM (customer relationship management) systems, human resource management systems, substitute driver systems, worker management systems, CID systems, CTI and ITI engines, and so on. Korea Mutaltech will introduce a product unifying wire and wireless products based on technology that integrates PSTN (public switched telephone network) and Internet telephone networks. It has developed and sold products based mainly on embedded sofware technology and object-oriented technology. Also, it is consulting on methods that can efficiently develop the best sofware.

The CEO of the company is You-Seek Chun, Ph.D.
You-Seek Chun, Ph.D. has been leading the technical development for 30 years in domestic information & communication fields such as Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, and Institute of Information Technology Assesment, etc. He has the personal history such as a project leader of the development of computerized 114 telephone directory system, a software, system and project leader of development of TDX(time division electronic switching system), a project leader of the Host Computer for national basic network, a vice president of Institute of Information Technology Assesment, and a visiting professor in ChungNam National University.
Date Contents
2000. 02.    Established Korea MultiTech, Inc.
2000. 06.    Verified as the venture company by SMBA
2000. 07.    Appointed as an excellent new-technology by MIC
2001. 02.    Changed corporate name into Korea MutalTech, Inc.
2001. 03.    Established its own research institute by KOITA
2001. 11.    Registered a patent for a PC-based internet phone by KIP
2001. 12.    Obtained the IT mark by MIC
2001. 12.    Appointed as the company for military services by MMA
2002. 12.    Opened a branch in WeiHai, China
2002. 12.    Selected as the INNO-BIZ business by SMBA
2003. 03.    Registered a patent for the saved call of internet phones by KIP
2003. 06.    Registered a patent for PC-based gateways by KIP
2004. 10.    Registered the EverFree® trademark by KIP
2005. 08.    Registered the Unicall® trademark by KIP
2007. 07.    Registered a patent for CID systems by KIP
2013. 09.    Registered Smile® trademark by KIP
2019. 11.    Unicall-Start of chat, live talk and call services
2021. 09.    Registered Smile® Selected as a good Korean language trademark by KIP

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